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La Felicita et Meilleurs restaurants près du travail

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Station F is a really nice place where you can find many restaurants.

It is a big campus with different incubators.

There are a lot of choices. Each one has its own universe.

La Felicita is the closest if you want to have a lunch but we've compiled a list so you can see all the others options there are.

At La Felicita, you can meet up with colleagues and organize meetings.

Here are the first ones that we could find:

  1. The restaurant La Felicita can be found inside Station F, once there you'll see that it is decorated with very colorful trees and art. People like to go there to enjoy food and drinks
  2. Le Débonnaire is situated close to Station F, it is a typical french restaurant. You can eat quality meals and the decoration is classic - chic
  3. Le tigre qui pleure is the best Thaï around but very Spicy !
List of restaurant Type of food Phone number
La Felicita Italian
Le Débonnaire French
Le tigre qui pleure Thaï