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Best practices while editing a wiki

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Best practices while editing a wiki
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Tags : Best pratices, Editing
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Bien structurer un wiki, Importer des fichiers sur le wiki, Les bonnes pratiques d'utilisation d'un wiki et Stats et tableaux de bord

  • Display most recent or important informations at the top of the page
  • Delete obsolete information from articles, they can still be found by browsing the history of the page
  • Edits must be summarized before saving especially if a part has been removed, this will help to find back the deleted information more easily.
  • Discuss the background and form on the related discussion pages and then record the outcome of the discussion on the content page
    • Very short and temporary discussions can nevertheless be made directly on the content page. They can be signed with the user's initials
  • The "Tags" field should take the key words in the different section headings of the page